The Twins

Come into our hand painted vortex and let us tell you stories to seduce your imagination.

- Wrath of The Sea -

- Wrath of The Sea -

7years since she left for the sea, 7 years since Poseidon's wrath took my lover. Perching myself upon the dock like a siren enticing her prey, my heart screeches over the rising tide that still does not carry my lover home.

wool Trench: Harbsion | Brooch: Erickson beamon | Top: Topman | Pants: Topman | Shoes: Zara

In my state of despair, I wonder if Aphrodite can hear my calls for the return of a love that could move Mount Olympus.

Have the Gods made me a modern mockery of their ability to control the destiny of humans? Or are they frightened by a lover that matches their power? Visions of the Goddess of Love and the God of the Ocean cheering with glasses of my blood stained tears claw its way through my mind like Harpies in the night. Fooled by their ethereal appearances, the galaxies have put their faith in creatures that are no less self-indulgent than man himself. But will the humor of the Gods run dry before my blood does? Will my lover return home before the my soul leaves its place of dwelling?

-  Teleport  -

- Teleport -

-  Sticky Caramel  -

- Sticky Caramel -