The Twins

Come into our hand painted vortex and let us tell you stories to seduce your imagination.

- Spider's Work -

- Spider's Work -


One by one the Spider Queen gave birth to her children, tiny creatures of black and brown covering the blood stained bark of the Spider Queen's most dangerous nest. As the Queen produced hundreds of offspring, she gazed at her children - proud of her grandest accomplishment.

Earring: Eddie Borgo | Shirt: Harbison | Pants: Topman | Shoes: Zara

Interrupted in her solemn state, the Queen noticed the tiniest of white spiders amongst her children. Curious of its nature, she spread her 8 ruby encrusted legs and approached the small child. Glancing her white creation over, the child, made purely from white stones, had eyes drowned by the sapphire ocean. Blinded with stone eyes, the white child of the Spider Queen is doomed to create only the most absurd of webs - her ability to survive compromised.

Against the Queen's nature, she wraps her stoned child in a web of comfort to return safely with her to her den.
In the Queen's den laid mother and child surrounded by silks of white, the mother's speciality. As the Queen curddled her child, the blinded spider began to spin its silk. Legs intertwined in her silk, the stoned eye spider created the darkest shade of black. In a state of curiosity and shock, the Queen began to intertwine her white silk with her child's black production. Polymorasized with one another, the two creatures weaved for endless hours - creating a web unlike any other; a garment of pure silk by mother and child.

-   Museum Creatures  -

- Museum Creatures -

-  Heartbreak-Heartache  -

- Heartbreak-Heartache -