The Twins

Come into our hand painted vortex and let us tell you stories to seduce your imagination.

-  Princes of Play  -

- Princes of Play -

The dwindling shades of green have long given their final kiss goodbye and it makes my heart ache with despair. I long for the soul of the garden to return and to hear my children trace throughout the garden - flinging their auburn hair back with their youthful laughter.

Walking the grounds, I would watch them become grander versions of themselves - creating a world in which their capabilities are enhanced. True to nature of their genes, their fabricated universes consisted of the most absurd and unconventional ideas. It is with that sentiment that I had never been more proud. On occasion, I would break from the tending of the horses and join their world - sometimes becoming their nemesis, the sea monster, or perhaps their noble steed that would join them in the battle against the galactic worms. As we would fight for the peace of our universe, I would look over my shoulder to see the winter season approaching - knowing our days of late summer would soon be gone. Like a Rhino charging at an enemy, I could feel the undertones of cold fronts attack me at a fierce pace. I knew I would soon say farewell to the days of playing in the grass and now the embrace of building forts near the ivory fireplace. Quickly disassociating myself from the thought of the winter, I returned to play and let the pure bliss of love from my children overcome me. Goodbye Summer.

-  Net Of Stars  -

- Net Of Stars -

-  In Heat  -

- In Heat -