The Twins

Come into our hand painted vortex and let us tell you stories to seduce your imagination.

-  Net Of Stars  -

- Net Of Stars -


I've got the world on a string and the universe in a net.

My one true flame asked for the dust of a falling star, so I casted my net to capture the stars as a whole. I returned to him with a net gleaming of stars.

He responded, "if only we had a few more stars, we could fill our night sky."

I went back to the edge of the moon and casted my net again - only this time to capture a galaxy.

Veil & Ruffles: Abbie Walsh | Bangles: Gerard Yosca

I returned to him with the net brimming an entire galaxy. We placed it in the sky and watched it swallow up the stars.

He looked at it, eyes gleaming, and said, "if only we had life in the galaxy, then we could be rulers of the lives within it."

I sat atop the moon, again, with my net to capture the universe and all that lives in it.

I returned to him with a net filled with life. We placed it in the galaxy and watched worlds unfold before us.

Happy at our collection, we glanced into one another's eyes and that is when I said to him, "if only we had skyscrapers and Chinese take out."

-  Princess Party Pants  -

- Princess Party Pants -

-  Princes of Play  -

- Princes of Play -