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-  Marc Jacobs  -

- Marc Jacobs -

It's not often an entire collection gets me randy, but this season, Marc Jacobs did just that. The SS17 collection is so amazing that I would be willing to do just about anything to get my hands on it. To prove just how desperate I am, I made a list stating all the drastic measures I am about to take for a gander at the collection.

• Delete my Instagram account
• Get on Tinder 
• Go on a Tinder date
• Marry my Tinder date
• Have a baby
• Get a divorce because we were never in love in the first place
• Go to the DMV to get my license because we moved out of the city to raise this baby and he drove everywhere. Now I'm a single woman and I need a new licenses since I let mine expire 2 years ago 
• Wait 6 hours in the DMV line and realize I need to be back in the city again
• Try to get an apartment in the city 
• Settle for being a roommate in my 30s with a baby and decide to pursue my career in fashion all over again
• Have no luck getting back into fashion because I'm now old and the new wave of photographers and stylists are all sophomores in high school
• Reopen my Instagram account and have to gain followers all over again but at this time, everyone needs 20 million plus followers to be relevant 
• Finally get the Marc Jacobs SS17 collection after Marc hears about my struggles to get my hands on it
• Marc shows his FW21 collection and it's so good that I literally wasted the last 4 years of my life

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- NYFW Diary -

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