The Twins

Come into our hand painted vortex and let us tell you stories to seduce your imagination.



Freshly born from the womb of your favorite Drag Queen, I set forth on an intense mission to destroy the accounts of Instagram honeys everywhere. With makeup wipes on hand and a palette from MAKE cosmetics, my drive to remove yellow foundation from the faces of the interweb began. Creeping behind unsuspecting individuals, I screamed, "Hi GUYS!" in
valley-girl tone and swiped across their face with one of their "Top 10 Drugstore finds". Cackling with excitement, I withdrew my weapons from MAKE and began to beat away at their faces. Glowing with a natural skin-tone and a highlight that wasn't responsible for the drought in California, the honeys of the gram looked better than ever. Phase one had been complete and now it was time to show the world that makeup grams had a new look. After painting a white square on a black wall, I set up every major beauty girl and made her talk about her new favorite beauty look - "less is more". One by one they recorded their videos, each one making kissy faces as they held up each product - winking and smiling with their hair pulled up into a messy bun of highlights. As they finished their practically indistinguishable tutorials, your favorite contoured honeys smized into the camera and hit the upload button to their witty Instagram accounts. As the views traveled higher in numbers, comments began to flood in of disgust and anguish. "Forgive them Mother Kardashian for they know not what they have done," commented @PizzaAndMakeup98 - "YOUR FACE ISN'T EVEN YELLOW! YOU'RE DOING IT ALL WRONG," commented @FaustinaLikesHighlight. As their follower counts plummeted, I sat back and watched in amazement. I had single-handedly destroyed what the Kardashians had created. #Blessed

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