The Twins

Come into our hand painted vortex and let us tell you stories to seduce your imagination.

-  The Love Of Ivory  -

- The Love Of Ivory -

There once was a man whose life revolved around his champion horses. He dreamt of love, but was secluded in his own world. Set out to find the perfect woman, he built his dream house with her in mind.

He enclosed his land with black and gold, wrought iron gates that gave his horses their own private space. His land, covered in willow trees and moss, provided the perfect ambiance to his future home. He worked long-hour days for years - building the white marble home around the trees. The home, throughout its fruition, began resembling a barn in shape and cathedral in size and design. The ceilings were structured with lace cut outs, so the sun rising and setting would cast the most elaborate shadows that would project onto the bare white walls. The home was unfurnished and without art. All this house had was an open bedroom, Bathroom, open kitchen, dinning room table. Aside from these features and the wild growing trees, all this beautiful house needed was his future love. Still alone, he sat and waited in his structure fit for a museum. On the third year and twelfth day of the homes completion, he made his weekly visit to town. His head hung low in the disappointment of his wish being left unfulfilled. While in the checkout line, his view fixated on the floor, he sees a pair of gold boots walk up to his side and a he hears a voice, "are you in line?". As he looks up and faces the woman in front of him, the world stopped.

Coat: Jason Ryan | Pants: D&G | Purse: Ó'FAOLÁIN
- Rafi & Olga -

- Rafi & Olga -

- Tasty Delights -

- Tasty Delights -