The Twins

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-  Live Forever  -

- Live Forever -

Contrary to popular belief, Moses only parted the sea to get to the nearest Saks 5th Avenue to buy the new Louboutin Lipstick. Trust me, if you had the power, you, too, would be parting the sea for a lipstick as lovely as this. In shades from red to nude or purple, Louboutin manages to steal the soul of every beauty addict.

With a wear that lasts as long as Azealia Banks’s twitter beefs, the decadent lipstick is sure to survive life’s most absurd situations – drinking water, stuffing your face into a burger, or practicing your kissing skills on your favorite pillow. Like many before it, this lipstick is best with a liner that can create a fuller, clean finish. Applied like a fine art, the appearance of any Louboutin shade could get Kylie Jenner and Lana Del Rey to go to group therapy. Essentially, one can only be grateful that Louboutin has yet again blessed with a product with an exquisite appearance and formula.

-  Lion Tamer  -

- Lion Tamer -

-  Tamed Bell  -

- Tamed Bell -