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-  Create NYC  -

- Create NYC -

Faustina @sofausti knew she had an interest in fashion but she had no knowledge of the industry. She had a look, and she used it to her advantage. Looking like someone famous opened many doors for her.

"I know what it is like to be famous without being famous. One day I went to a Gaga concert and all of the fans thought I was her. I was basically mobbed by thousands of fans ripping, pulling and pushing at me trying to get a piece of what they thought was the pop star. Something that night clicked. I met people and before I could bat my eyes, I was living in NYC and a full time stylist." Now, Faustina is the editor in chief for FashionDecode, freelance stylist and her own brand. "I am my brand. I sell inspiration and personality wrapped up in fashion. I am a-muse-ing."

Photos and interview by YUXI LIU for CREATE NYC


-  High In The Sky  -

- High In The Sky -