The Twins

Come into our hand painted vortex and let us tell you stories to seduce your imagination.

- The Intern -

- The Intern -

"Work for free!?", I exclaim in the waiting room as I am applying for a position at the top doll house on Pluto. Apparently, Plutonian CEOs got a whiff of this whole "interns" thing and now refuse to pay anyone.

Hat:  Ann Claire Millinery | Coat: Patricia Field | Pants: Armani Privè

Looking up from the diamond-edged application, I ask the receptionist why the position was left unpaid despite requiring 126 hour work weeks. Sonically resembling a helium balloon running out of air, the squirrel-like creature whined, "It's not in the budgeeeeeeeet". Rolling my eyes at her existence and hoping the helium pressure would blow her away, I turn my face back downward to the application to review the other requirements that included:

Repeat the words Transcend, Non-Gender Conforming, Androgynous, and Aesthetic as much as possible when making dolls.
Thrift any and all designers...wear them all at once.
Always send out 600 more invites than there are seats for Doll previews.
Never stop organizing the dolls on the shelves.

Shrugging off each demand on their checklist, I look around the room and spot a plethora of girls and gays from Long Island and New Jersey. I wonder how they got all the way to Pluto. Leaving in a scare, I dash straight through a window and land on the sidewalk....ready to hail a cab.

- On The Shelf -

- On The Shelf -

-  Dream Maker  -

- Dream Maker -