The Twins

Come into our hand painted vortex and let us tell you stories to seduce your imagination.

-  Anonymous  -

- Anonymous -

The blue door is positioned between two children. To the left, a boy screaming loudly in navy pants and red suspenders. And to the right, a curly red haired girl in a white, lace dress speaking tongues. I step up to the door and knock three times.

I glance down at the white stripes on my skirt until two men answer the door and invite me in. I have been working with these men for a year now and this would be my third assignment. Posing as undercover matchmakers, love is far from what these men do. In fact, everything about these men, including the children, was a cover to distract from the real business they conduct.

I am an investigator for hitmen. Out of the thousands of tips brought to our attention, only one leads to investigation. My employers might do the unthoughtful, but our clients are far worse. Only the most villainous of humans are pursued by us. My job is to investigate their potential targets. I watch unnoticed in shadows to see if all the Tips left anonymously are accountable. And after a month of research, if the accusations are correct, I give the go ahead.

Photos by Jamal for Style Society Guy
Coat & Skirt: ZARA | Wig: Bobbie Pinz | 
Hat: Dolly Donshey | Shoes: Fausti Archive
- Not so Magic Carpet -

- Not so Magic Carpet -

- Repaint The Skin -

- Repaint The Skin -