The Twins

Come into our hand painted vortex and let us tell you stories to seduce your imagination.

-  Heartbreak-Heartache  -

- Heartbreak-Heartache -

As I tiptoed up, I felt the anticipation of my fate being face to face with Madame Tarot, the renowned , underground fortune teller to all the love-craving city dwellers. I was visiting her for the same reason the others before me have.

Madame Tarot was known for bringing you face to face with the six soulmates of your past, present, and future lives. It was also known that after leaving her you would be changed forever.

I walk into her aubergine living room where she is sitting at a glass table. Adorned in raw silk of aurulent and aquamarine, with pearls as thick as a wrist, and topped off with a bronze fringe turban, she doesn’t say hi - she just stares with a face of stone. She begins to tell me of the precautions of what she is about to do. I ignore her and tell her to proceed.

The gypsy beings to chant, moving her hands in a swinging motion. The stacks of pearls placed on her wrist being to clack with impact. The room becomes a hazy gray smog and, as it begins to clear, six men are standing before me. Each man was from a different place and time as well as different social status. Amongst the six, an angered king, adorned in grey and white fox fur, as well as a man who looked as life had hit him one too many times.

Glancing over all these men, I lock eyes with a tall man in a white crew neck tee. His eyes were humble and his stature was that of a statue. Suddenly, it is as if the entire world has stopped for a second, or maybe a year. As we make our way towards each other, he disappears. The fog emerges and marbles into purple walls, blending in with Madame Tarot and her decadent colors. And as everything in the room begins to vanish, so does my memory of the man who stopped time.

As she begins to speak in a moderate tone and steady voice, she explains that my love has been from my current life and died before we were to meet. She mentions how he had died tragically and instantly, just like my fate before me. All it took was that second to change my life. I clench my white blouse, concealing my chest. I drop to the floor with the bow draping behind me like a regal train and, as I'm about to take my last breath, I hear her say, "a broken heart will be the death of you."

Skirt: Harbison | Top: Doruntina Azemi | Purse: Gedebe | Bracelet: Alex Soldier
- Spider's Work -

- Spider's Work -

- Drive-Thru Pink Heaven -

- Drive-Thru Pink Heaven -