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- Glow Worm  -

- Glow Worm -

Before Jack Skellington and the Legend of Sleepy Hallow, there was the story of the gourd and glow worm. It goes untold because it is so uninteresting and everyone only cares about pumpkins.

But if you have a second, I would love to tell you the story from decades ago.

Before candles, heat, and fire, there was a glow worm. He was the finest of them all and had many ladies of many different species. Fueled with jealousy of his affairs, his wife threw him out to the streets one late October. He had no where to stay, as all the ladies were just glow diggers and only wanted him at his finest. He decided to live an alternative life and found a gremlin gourd laying abandoned and broke in - calling it home. He sobbed in silence from inside his lumpy, decorative squash on All Hallows' Eve. His soft, green glow illuminated from his burrow hole casting a soft light onto the dark, dusty streets.

At this moment, pumpkin cradled in my arms, I was rushing home. Rushing, until I found distraction by the green hum of light in front of me. Inspired by this funny looking squash, I decided to recreate this with my oversized, more polished looking member of the squash family. And that was how the jack-o'-lantern was born.

This post is dedicated to Simon the glow worm

Photos By: Andrew Morales |
Jacket: Booker

- Little Death -

- Little Death -

-  Stained Claws -

- Stained Claws -