The Twins

Come into our hand painted vortex and let us tell you stories to seduce your imagination.

- Glimpse of Life -

- Glimpse of Life -

Thousands of years before the universe took its first breath, I sat in the void of space that would eventually hold the galaxies. Distant in thought, I stared at the clashing specs of white that would form the stars. I wondered which one I would choose to sit upon for eternity, but it all seemed trivial when I saw the planets begin to form. Round in shape with varying textures and colors, they sat scattered with no real sense of pattern or direction.


However, my interest in their forming bodies seemed minuscule when I saw the Sun begin to shape. Exuding bouts of bright flames at a constant rate, its gravitational pull called the worlds to align within its kinesphere. Pittering and Pattering, they tip-toed into place and began to twirl around the Sun's body. I sat in amazement and knew in that moment I would travel through orbits and call each one my home.

-  Disco Nap  -

- Disco Nap -

-  90s  -

- 90s -