The Twins

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-  End It All  -

- End It All -

Lately, phone companies and the internet have gotten out of control. To be honest, I just can't afford it anymore. Between all the membership fees and passwords, life has become a total hell. Technology has taken over so much that there is only one way out of this rabbit hole and that is to cut out the source cold turkey.

Like any sensible person, I flushed my phone down the toilet, ripped up my bills and faked my death to avoid paying them. I then lived my life under the radar. The first two days were a little rough. I suffered a severe case of self-pity from not checking my comments on Instagram and full blown hysteria from a lack of sexting (who knew the "disease" was real). After the worst was behind me I lived a meaningful life undocumented.

That is, until I wore the best outfit I have ever worn and met a cute boy all in the same day. Not only did I have no way of sharing the outfit, I had no number to exchange with the potential love of my life. We exchanged cute eyes from across the room and my outfit was the perfect ice breaker. He came up to me and we talked about absolutely nothing. Time stood still and I was okay with that. After a few moments, he asked for my number and I responded that I did not have one. That was when he looked at me with terror in his beautiful hazel eyes. He must have thought I was a serial killer on the loose, probably in disguise. I mean, who doesn’t have a phone? And that's when it hit me: my life is meaningless without internet. Just as meaningless as finding love in NYC. This was literally the worst four days of my entire life.

-  Miu Miu SS17  -

- Miu Miu SS17 -