The Twins

Come into our hand painted vortex and let us tell you stories to seduce your imagination.

-  Dream Maker  -

- Dream Maker -

I lounge, stretched out across the tip of the moon, running my fingers through the stars. I watch you fall asleep with the replay of today on loop in your mind.

Pants: Charles Youssef | Moon Hat: Ann Claire Millinery | Jacket: Dolly Donshey | Shoes: Zara | Ring: Swarovski

I desire to see you smile, even if you are unaware. So when you close your eyes, I erase your memories and show you the inner corner of your soul. The relaxation of your tense shoulders tell me it is time. My hand, gently caressing the stars, grabs a teaspoon in measurement and blows them over your softening body. The stars, caressing your soft lips, carry out your dreams like the soft keys of black and white. I gaze into your controlled dreams of love and mystery and watch the soft smile start to appear on your face. Your dreams are mine to orchestrate, as I watch you slip into your greatest escape.

- The Intern -

- The Intern -

-  Dream Lover  -

- Dream Lover -