The Twins

Come into our hand painted vortex and let us tell you stories to seduce your imagination.

- DiSKO DiCK -

- DiSKO DiCK -


The year is 2073 and I've just been unfrozen for the greatest comeback since Betty White: the disco era. Technology has advanced LSD to a new level and revived CHIC, Donna Summers, The Bee Gees, and every DISCO knight and jester for the decade of a lifetime. We've dumped the new generation of teen artists, locked Justin Bieber in a closet, and set fire to a whole army of downtown stylists who held onto the minimalist era for far too long - after all, If we were gonna have the decade to end all decades, we were gonna need good lighting. It may sound like society had lost all of its sensitivity, but we were thankful for it after 60 years of being politically correct. During my defrost period, I shopped the latest looks while on a trip with Alice down the rabbit hole. Deciding on a classic black jumpsuit with a waist cincher seemed like a no brainer after I saw my shower head turn into a snake that choked my shower curtain - drugs had surely come a long way since I got down 60 years ago. I was soooooooo into it. No come downs and no crashes. Gliding my way from my apartment to my return party, DiSKO DiCK, the legendary Ms. Summers is twirling across the floor, the downtown stylists are lighting up the building, and Betty White is on her 8th line of cocaine. The 70s are truly glorious and there's no other time I'd rather be alive, grabbing my dick up against velvet walls.

-  Marc Jacobs  -

- Marc Jacobs -

-  1 Year  -

- 1 Year -