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-  NYFW Diary  -

- NYFW Diary -

Photo: Andrew Morales
Skirt and Blouse: NicoPanda
Hair: DreamDry

NYFW: That special time where entitled millennials roam the city streets and complain about lines. You've seen them, prancing around, refreshing their emails while wearing clothes their friend made, and taking selfie videos of them walking to the shows. They are the ones posting over-exposed iPhone photos of the runway and videos from the after party with muffled audio. Your peers might have thought they were too important to wait in the line, but that doesn't give you the right to post your poor excuse of importance all over social media.
I'm looking at you, snobby girl who thinks sunglasses indoors makes you appear important and looking into your phone hides your social awkwardness. I see you, man who thinks not smiling is the number one fashion accessory and "dandy" is a way of life. And I'm calling you out, "Editor-in-Chief" of www.fashionismylife/

Thankfully, fashion week isn't about them. Fashion week is my time to shine because for one week, I'M FAMOUS! That means everyone knows my name and remembers my Instagram account. Everywhere I go people are like, "omg that's So Fausti! I wonder what she smells like?" And then they slip into a day dream state and imagine what it would be like to fall asleep next to me. It's totally normal. Judgment free zone.

Day 1: NicoPanda skirt and blouse in red with heart details

I wore red in honor of the lust filled energy the city is pulsating. It was the perfect choice because in the first few hours wearing it, someone ran up to me and gave me a hug. I wish this was a joke.

Photo: Andrew Morales
Skirt and Cones: Tableaux Vivants
Purse: Gedebe

Day 2: NicoPanda blouse and Opening Ceremony skirt

It's a subtle Victorian look, a look that says, "I might be undead, but at least I kept up with the times." I am basically invisible (in front of mirrors), because honestly, the whole purpose of Fashion Week is the publicity the shows receive. Duh!

Day 3 & 4: Tableaux Vivants cone bra and skirt; Gedebe purse

I wore this two different days. So what.

-  Gluten Free -

- Gluten Free -

-  Marc Jacobs  -

- Marc Jacobs -