The Twins

Come into our hand painted vortex and let us tell you stories to seduce your imagination.

-  The Collector  -

- The Collector -

Being internationally known as the top China doll collector in the world has left my life secluded.
Inconspicuous dressing is a necessity and a model look alike is mandatory.

All it takes is one bad paparazzi photo of me to land on the cover of People Magazine for my coveted dolls to become obsolete. When my celebrity status reached an all time high, I had to hire a look alike to go out in my place for any errands, arranged dates and meetings. It was a rigorous process to find the perfect double. My dolls and I sat down at our dinning room bar interviewing all potential hires. From Lady Gaga to the late Amy Winehouse, we could just not agree on anyone. My dolls stared at me with blank eyes every time they didn't like a candidate, forcing me to carry on the interviewing. My dolls are my world, of course their opinion matters! What seemed like months had passed with no such luck. The dolls and I were about to decide on Liza Minnelli, until a member of the opposite sex came in. He sat down, across from me and my children and the feeling was mutual: Johnny Cassanova will be my professional stunt double.

-  Sleep Forever  -

- Sleep Forever -

- On The Shelf -

- On The Shelf -