The Twins

Come into our hand painted vortex and let us tell you stories to seduce your imagination.

-  Shopping List  -

- Shopping List -


Manhattan streets are becoming a stampede of the procrastinators. With just days before the end of the shopping season, everyone is looking to buy their contouring kits made of old coffee, flour, and that new coveted, extra thick eyebrow pencil in black chalk.

The stores have gone mad and we are trying to avoid them at all costs by shopping for the most sought after gift to give to our loved ones - and poorly blended makeup is not it.

A gift so desired needs to be approached with subtlety and that meant we had to blend in to remain unnoticed. We put on our most inconspicuous outfits and made our way toward the Upper West Side. We approach an unmarked building and made our way up to the sixth floor to be greeted by an elderly woman with salty hair and a silver capped tooth. She invited us into her apartment, sat us down on her linen couch, and prompted us to speak of the gift we came for. I spoke first, announcing a fond memory and how I would love to bottle up the essence to gift my mother to spray any time she wished. The lady smiled and brewed up a potion in a glowing lilac fog, followed by a glowing emerald fog for Johnny. With the memories tucked tightly in our coat pockets, she sends us on our way back to the chaos that is Manhattan two days before Christmas.

Photos: James Barkley | Johnny's Pants: LEAH | Fausti's Jacket: Booker 
- Decorating The Tree -

- Decorating The Tree -

-  Princess Party Pants  -

- Princess Party Pants -