The Twins

Come into our hand painted vortex and let us tell you stories to seduce your imagination.

-  Once In A Blue Moon  -

- Once In A Blue Moon -

I wrote this post on the eve of July 31st of 2015 While the blue moon levitated above me. Stepping aside from my usual dreams of imaginary worlds and beauty so decadent, I release myself from my mind and enter the real world.

I glance up from the screen only to see someone pushing through the train doors. A red mammoth with wavy locks standing upright on two legs. Too stressed to sit, he remains standing mumbling under his beard. Something is urging me to speak to him, so I lean forward and mutter softly, "strange night, huh?". Just as he is about to answer me, the train doors open and a suction of air fills the car with a light so blinding it was as if you were standing on the sun. As the doors are about to close, he is sucked up into the light and I am now all that is left in this train. As I get to my stop, I exit the train in a state of disbelief as I enter through a crowd of 10 foot caterpillars and I think to myself, "once in a blue moon".

Top & Skirt: Harbison | Hat: Dolly Donshey | Purse: Gedebe
- DareDevil -

- DareDevil -

-  Twin Flames-

- Twin Flames-