The Twins

Come into our hand painted vortex and let us tell you stories to seduce your imagination.

-  Tamed Bell  -

- Tamed Bell -

Living in their world of being tamed, I am one of their many attempted conquests. A gentleman of the bell, I've flown across carpets with embedded rubies in its finer details for their desires.

At their beck and call, I remove my silk, red hat to acknlowedge and respect their presence. Some travel a long way just for me to handle their affairs - so entraped by my services that they move their lives to match mine. To them, a life presented and executed for their pleasure entitles they have control, but they soon become mine to own and to tame with the bell. In this act, their choices, I control - their desires, I set for them. With a soft ring, I can hear their call - this is ususally the time of their feeding. Under my spell, they eat what I present to them like a stray cat in the street - feeding only when I choose to give them life. This is no ordinary hotel and I am no ordinary bell boy.

Hat: Vintage | Harness: Archived | Shirt & Pant: Topman
-  Live Forever  -

- Live Forever -

-  Inspiration=inception -

- Inspiration=inception -