The Twins

Come into our hand painted vortex and let us tell you stories to seduce your imagination.

-  Alien Embryo  -

- Alien Embryo -

Aliens are formed in a cocoon of warmth to prep their cold blood for enduring temperatures. As they quickly outgrow their cocoon, their golden exoskeleton takes form and encases their bodily structure.

Beautiful as it may be, it endangers their species, as it puts them in harms way when they are in the presence of humans.

Their bones are worth millions. Greedy hunters will stop at no cost to claim and sell the lifeless body of the species for their own pleasure. Knowing the dangers they face on a daily basis, the aliens use outerwear for the protection of their identity while in public. Once they reach the seclusion of their temples, they shed their outerwear exposing the radiance of their bones. Pink light shines through the slits of their community home, allowing their bones to shimmer more intensely than the rarest diamond. This is where they are safe.

Photos by Obi Cymatica |
| Bodysuit: Manzanares New York
- Black & Gold: Oribe -

- Black & Gold: Oribe -

-  Magic Bag, Magic Stairs  -

- Magic Bag, Magic Stairs -