The Twins

Come into our hand painted vortex and let us tell you stories to seduce your imagination.

-  Delightful Treat  -

- Delightful Treat -


Dancing - they were dancing across the night sky, shades of gold and silver chasing one another like the aging do their youth.

With romantically thirsty eyes, I desired to become entangled in their affair. Their tule skirts, spinning round and round, stretched beyond the homes of their body - brushing one another gently with love.

With a heart full of lust, I set forth to find a way to place myself in the night sky. To a task met with no success, I could not figure out how to fly nor book a seat on a rocketship. In the state of being heart broken, I walked along the edges of the sidewalk contemplating the two options of my situation - give up or keep on trying. As I began to think it was best to fall off the idea of living with the stars, I bumped into a creature covered in black and white layers of silk.
Grabbing hold of my arms, she matched her frail frame with mine, placed her cheek upon me, and whispered, "this is what you them". Without much attention to the appearance of the leather pouch she slipped into my hand, I removed the treat from its bag and slid it into my mouth - tasting the scent of leather on my fingertips. While I indulged in its flavor, I began to feel the aches of 1,000 knives through my legs. Dropping to the floor and in a state of convulsion, my legs began to stretch far beyond its normalized placement. As the pain subsided, I sought the woman who gave me the treat, but she was gone. Seeking answers, I looked inside of the leather pouch and there laid a note that, "Want to grow to reach the stars? All you need is Cheese-itz. They've got tons of calcium."

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-  Teleport pt 2  -

- Teleport pt 2 -

-  Round Up  -

- Round Up -