The Twins

Come into our hand painted vortex and let us tell you stories to seduce your imagination.

-  30% Chameleon  -

- 30% Chameleon -


Luckily, I am 30% chameleon.

I've been a spy for the past eight years and have been ranked in the top percential in the firm I work for.

While most spies work in the evening, my chameleon blood works in my advantage in the daytime. Allowing me to camouflage within my surrounds, I go unnoticed to cheating partners and bank robbers. My career has flourished in rewards and benefits from my advantage and I was soaking in all the benefits thrown at me.

But with positives comes negatives and, with that, I found my personal life beginning to suffer. I found myself working at all hours of the day, thus, exhausting my camouflage abilities and causing defaults in my performance.

I started to become invisible to the human eye and unable to control when and where I took on my surroundings. With emotions playing a large part in the defect, sadness and stress caused visual abscense to the ones I loved most. And with every love one gone unnoticed, my lack of control escalated as my emotions overcame me.

There once was a time I watched cheaters and robbers to protect their loved ones. Now, I watch my loved ones as tears swallow me whole.

-  hide & go  -

- hide & go -

-  Teleport pt 2  -

- Teleport pt 2 -