The Twins

Come into our hand painted vortex and let us tell you stories to seduce your imagination.

-  Round Up  -

- Round Up -

Allow this to come as no surprise, but rounding numbers comes rather easy to me. It's like, I see four and will automatically say five. I count twenty eight but I will tell you it's thirty.

Purse: SELVIS'h | Shirt: DVF | Hat: Masario | Skirt: Zara

I dropped my phone thirteen times but I will tell apple I only did it once.

So when I say it took me fifty years to come up with the right words for this story, you better believe it took about two hours.

I was walking past the halls of my office when my design student ran to me in a frenzy. "Fringe! There has to be a million! I don't know how many to put on this skirt".I lowered my phone from my ear while rolling my eyes before turning to face her. I glance down at the 5'1 girl before me and I said "now, you and I both know there are not a million strands of fringe on that fabric." I patted her on the head and walked away. She comes back and offered to show me and leads me toward the fringe fabric. She was absolutely wrong. In now way was there a million strands, maybe 900,000, but defiantly not a million.

-  Delightful Treat  -

- Delightful Treat -

-  Chasing Autumn  -

- Chasing Autumn -