The Twins

Come into our hand painted vortex and let us tell you stories to seduce your imagination.

-  Light Years Away  -

- Light Years Away -


Light years away from space, two outer galactic beings sat upon the top of their planet of hovering indigo sky. They sat in silence atop plush arm chairs watching time pass. Collecting the memories as they elapse and storing them in crystal vials to use as fuel for time travel.

TOP LEFT | Faustina | Bodysuit: Cheng | boots: RA-Officina Creativa | TOP RIGHT | Faustina | dress: GEORGINE | Johnny | top: Costello Tagliapietra | BOTTOM | Faustina dress: Harbison | Johnny | top: Harbison | pants: CHARLES YOUSSEF |

Their precious memories allow their floating planet to shift through the galaxies of time where the twins inspire the worlds greatest artist of the specific decade. Through inspiring the greats, they influence the books of history.

Dressing in the garments of the era, they blend in with the current lives - unnoticed until in the presence of creators. Once in the company of artists, they shed the layers of fabric against their bodies and radiate their inner beings to the creator before them. Blinding them by their inner light and now only seeing stars, the artist sculpts or paints the memories of the muses that took their sight away.

The star vision dissipates and the artist is left blind with only the recollection of the last image imprinted deep in their mind of the twins. Frustrated with their new way of life, the passion of art runs deeper in their veins - causing them to recreate their last visual memory of the enigma that was the twins.

TOP LEFT | Faustina | coat: TiA CiBANi | boots: RA-Officina Creativa | Johnny | top: Costello Tagliapietra | TOP RIGHT | Faustina | top: GEORGINE | Johnny  | top: TiA CiBANi | BOTTOM | Faustina | dress: Costello Tagliapietra | Johnny | sweater: CHARLES YOUSSEF | coat: Harbison

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Photographer: Samantha Nandez
Stylist: Faustina Rose
Makeup: David Razzano
Hair: Isaac Davidson at artists at wilhelmina
Nails: Elissa Schell @ Paintbox Nails

Furiously working, they dare not rest until the people of their time and future relish in the presence of the timeless art their hands crafted through lost connections.

Unfazed by the mishaps they stirred in others lives, the twins move from decade to decade. Fueled by the memories of the screams of blinded artist, they sit in silence watching time pass as they search for the next hungry artist.

-  Fausti's Web  -

- Fausti's Web -

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- Johnny Mouse -