The Twins

Come into our hand painted vortex and let us tell you stories to seduce your imagination.

-  Rosemary's Neighbor  -

- Rosemary's Neighbor -


June 1966: The month and year I moved to the 8th floor of the Bramford. It was a strange building and getting adjusted to it was somewhat difficult.

Rumors had it that weird things happened there, but I was so in love with the space that the so-called "happenings"were in the back of my mind.

My first day should have swayed me otherwise.

It was one of the hottest days of the year and unpacking boxes was strenuous in the heat. I found myself exhausted from the labor intensive task at hand, so I took a short break and sat on the floor, listening to 'The Sound Of Silence' to block out the screams and yelling below.They have been screaming all day and I would do anything for a bit of peace and quite. By the time the second chorus took place, the screaming and music came to a sudden halt, followed by a crying baby. The cries were suddenly silenced when the radio returned to its performance, although this time it was playing an unfamiliar sound of white noise accompanied by flickering lights.

I stayed in the building for four months without ever meeting my neighbors on the 7th floor. I did everything in my power to avoid contact with them. My intense, uneasy feeling toward them was so blood curdling, that I tipped the elevator man handsomely to always avoid the 7th floor doors from opening while I ride in the the elevator. And every time the doors would swim past the dreaded floor, my heart would stop beating, as would my breathing.

I avoided confronting the feeling until October trailed along. Rounding the corner of CPW, I spot a woman in front of the building at her wits end. She was frail with hair about the same length as mine. She was also dressed in a similar shade of gold as I, only she was in a dress and I, a coat. I asked her what was wrong, but she only wept and asked me to walk her inside. Once on the elevator, her shakey voice requested the 7th floor. The woman I have been avoiding for the last four months was standing next to me and there was no escaping. I gulped as we arrived on her floor. The elevator door jammed, keeping us prisoner and causing her to react in a panic. The lights blacked out suddenly and a thump loud enough to tear down a building sounded. As fast as the sound erupted and lights diminished, the doors opened to release her.

That was the day I moved.

Coat: Harbison | Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell | Hair clip: Erickson Beamon | Purse: SELVIS'h| Nails By Elissa @ Paintbox  
-  Johnny Mouse  -

- Johnny Mouse -

-  Teleport  -

- Teleport -