The Twins

Come into our hand painted vortex and let us tell you stories to seduce your imagination.

-   Museum Creatures  -

- Museum Creatures -


We've been here for thousands of years. No, not in this museum, but rather in The Temple of Dendur. Carved into the walls amongst fellow deities, Faustina and I have lived in these corridors for centuries.


Traveling to a new country, it has been fifty years since Egypt gifted The Temple to America and fourty-eight years since we've lived in The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Each early morning, Ra rises the brilliant Egyptian sunglight to touch New York, casting shadows along the grand columns that rise towards the sky like a blossoming lotus. Golden streaks crawling along the wall emphasize the crowns of the Gods who grace the stones of the temple. Descending from scenic engravings and morphing into fully formed creatures, the deities travel through the grounds of The Sackler Wing - preparing for a day filled with analyization and theories of our existance.

Truth is, the nature of our existence is no more complex than the flow of the Nile. With respect to our ownership of the unviverse's characterics, we spend our mornings and nights absorbing the elegance of one another's being - exchanges of our thoughts and ideas on new humans and the trends of style. We long to only be in the newest creations of earth's greatest designers - each of us watching and guiding their talents. And while these grounds may not be our home, we've learned to create a sanctuary in a place of worship where we have become the art.

Red Bag: SELVIS'h | Green bag: Ó'FAOLÁIN | Hair clip: Erickson Beamon
-  Sticky Caramel  -

- Sticky Caramel -

- Spider's Work -

- Spider's Work -