The Twins

Come into our hand painted vortex and let us tell you stories to seduce your imagination.

-  Corn On The Crop  -

- Corn On The Crop -

I lived in the country on bare land covered of grass and gravel. In the summer, wild flowers would fill the yard, but nothing more. One summer eve at 3:33am, I was awoken by a strange light injecting through my window.

By the time I could escape my bed, the light had vanished. I sat up in bed, afraid, until the spell of sleep overcame me and the miracle of morning awakened me.

The sun was exceptionally bright this morning. Covering my eyes, I stepped out of my home heading for work. Usually, I am greeted by sparse property, but not today. Today, it was a cornfield that presented itself to me. It had to have been a hundred acres. And although there was no breeze, the crops rustled as if something moving about. Squinting past the sun rays, I could see the corn dropping from the stalks one by one. It was the most peculiar thing. Then, as if by a timer, all the fallen husk began to unravel. I've heard of extra terrestrials leaving their imprint through corn fields and crop circles, but never have I believed it.

Skirt & Top: Habison | Earrings: Gerard Yosca
- Space Dancer -

- Space Dancer -

-  We Are...?  -

- We Are...? -