The Twins

Come into our hand painted vortex and let us tell you stories to seduce your imagination.

-  Bronzed Shore  -

- Bronzed Shore -


Rolling in harmony with the tempermental waves, the night's cloudy sky and Earth's blood wash up on the shore of stones and pebbles. The cold, grey foam held captive between the smooth surface of the deserted beach act as a summons. Calling the sky down from its high resting place to sway amid the peacefully dreaming life along the watch towers by the sea.

The sky, tumbling toward the shore carried with it, it's fallen angels. With eyes of metallic bronze, the twins crash down to engulf the hearts of those trapped between the sky and earth's dance of fury.

Their eyes, calling like sirens, usher the drowing souls to follow the fallen angles. Drawn to the sea, the twins lead the captured hearts to the world beneath the waves. As the tempted blindlessly drag their limbs across the glossy black stone shore, the ocean entraps their bodies slowly. While the beckoned succumb to poseidon's embrace, the gaunt souls dive into the ocean to meet their newest lovers once from the sky. As the fog's sirens travel through the ocean floor, the two dream to spend centuries with the new additions. But in ignorant bliss and adulterated desire, they forget that even lovers drown.

Eyeshadow | Marc Jacobs Twinkle Pop in 'Three Shakes'
Brows | Makeup Forever
Complexion | Cover FX Color Drops
Nails | Butter London
-  Waiting  -

- Waiting -

- Dreary Moon -

- Dreary Moon -