The Twins

Come into our hand painted vortex and let us tell you stories to seduce your imagination.

-  Universes  -

- Universes -

The clock strikes twelve, the sun rises beyond the sky to place his eyes upon his children, and suddenly the universes are united on this special day.

Blessed with this moment once a century, in the fifteenth year, the Gods of parallel universes gather to indulge in one another’s ethereal personalities. Their outer-galactic garments, made of the finest materials, grace their moonlight-kissed skin and hug the shapes of their body to defy the laws of science – making any non-believer kneel to pray.

In conjunction with this grand affair, the gathering of Gods also coincides with the reunion of the Twins. Once sharing the night sky as a collection of stars, the Twins longed to oversee more than just the people of earth. With ignorance to the idea of only one God per universe, the Twins yearned to become Gods. After centuries of pleading with the Sun, he graced the two with the gift of their Godly powers at a cost the pair was not ready for.

Pulled from the sky, the universe opened both its eyes, forcing each of the twins into opposing visions. Separated and assigned to two different universes, the Twins have spent eighteen centuries apart – only reuniting once a century for the gathering of Gods. For twenty-four hours, the twins rejoice in each other’s arms – laughing and smiling like lovers in the night. As the hours close and the twins are forced to separate once again, they recall their favorite moments with one another. Dreams of reuniting in the night sky as a collection of stars overwhelm them as the universe opens up once again to pull the two apart.

Clothing Credit
Johnny's sweater, Faustina's skirt: Harbison | Flower hat: Dolly Donshey
Photo credit
Top left: Ranny | Top Right: |
Bottom Left: Frank | Bottom Right: Roy Savoy
-  Lipstick Flask  -

- Lipstick Flask -

-  hide & go  -

- hide & go -