The Twins

Come into our hand painted vortex and let us tell you stories to seduce your imagination.

-  Vial Of Youth  -

- Vial Of Youth -

Once, some time ago, blood was worshiped along with the Gods. With spiritual connections and high beliefs intertwining their choice of worship, followers of the ancient religion deprived the young of their vitality.

Becoming one of the more popular forms of faith, blood began to run dry through the orgin of its birth - causing the population of children to diminish by the hundreds. Non believers of the following cried out for a change - setting the goverment to outlaw the practice. Drastic measures of execution fell upon any who practiced the banned religion. With every believer drained of his or her vital fluid, the streets flowed with crimson waves once again.

Mourning swept over the city with hovering memories too heavy to bare. Unable to stay in a town stained with blood, locals fled for new beginings, leaving behind their city untraced and to never be found. The religion, now believed to be only a myth, still circulates the hidden world in secret gatherings. Although it is believed the entirety of the religion's believers have been eliminated, the sole proprietor has found her way to your homes. Carrying 8oz of the worlds finest blood encased in a brushed golden vial throughout the eternity of her life, she drops scarlet tears into the formulation of the most exorbitant lipstick set to be released to the world.

-  Inspiration=inception -

- Inspiration=inception -

-  Orbital Sphere  -

- Orbital Sphere -