The Twins

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-  1 Year  -

- 1 Year -

The one year anniversary is slowly creeping up for iL Gemini and I find myself reflecting on the past ten months. I think about how when we started this website I was a different person. I learned how to write, photograph, tell visual stories and I found myself and my worth. But most importantly, I don't have to pay for anything anymore. Now, when my metro time is up, I insert my top secret blogger ID and Bam! : A free monthly commute. When it comes to paying my rent, I call my landlord and negotiate the prime times for posting images taken in my apartment. And when my phone bill is due, I simply respond with how many times my unlimited data is vital to the blogging sphere.


It is a community service to all my resources and I am thankful that, not only am I living for free, I also get paid to do what I love—being myself. Just because I live the dream life and have a cool annual income of $800,000 and live expense-free doesn't mean that I don't have days just like you. There are days when I wake up and being me is just too much work and not even Marilyn Manson himself can sway me out of my bed. Those are the days when I just can't bare to drink sparkling water in the park or watch my friends eat foie gras while describing the taste, all to avoid my calorie intake.

So, just know, those days that I don't post is because I am feeling a certain way. And, even though I can't shed my light upon your dull iPhones, it doesn't mean I'm not thinking of you, the people.

I am Faustina Rose and I approve this message. Make blogging great again.

- DiSKO DiCK -

- DiSKO DiCK -

- The Egg Ball -

- The Egg Ball -