The Twins

Come into our hand painted vortex and let us tell you stories to seduce your imagination.

-  Time(s)²  -

- Time(s)² -

It's that one place no New Yorker is brave enough to encounter. But I wanted to take pictures here regardless.

The day of our shoot was cloudy and warm. All seemed normal until about five minutes into shooting.

We lost the light, so we made our way to a somewhat clear patch. Along the way, the passing faces started to morph expressionless. It seemed to have been weird and I brought it to the attention of the others, but they did not seem to notice. I shook it off and blamed it on my lack of sleep. We found a spot with good light and less people - we began to shoot again. Every time the camera clicked, my surroundings got darker and more distant. It seemed like thirty minutes until I heard Sam say she got the shot. I heard her say it, only I didn't see her. I looked all around to see nothing was around me except blurred hues of bodily figures prancing around like flames in a fire. I closed my eyes tight - not wanting to see the realm in front of me. Eyes still shut, I say a few words to myself.

I awoke in my bed, light shining through my window. It was only a dream.

Photos By Samantha Nandez |
| Top: Doruntina Azemi | Pants: Zara | Jewelry: Alex Soldier
- The Chapel -

- The Chapel -

- Down The Rabbit Hole -

- Down The Rabbit Hole -