The Twins

Come into our hand painted vortex and let us tell you stories to seduce your imagination.

-  Teleport pt 2  -

- Teleport pt 2 -

Exhausting teleportation in fear of living apart brought us in limbo. And now, we had to suffer the consequence. Marking the final days of our lives, we set our destination to the last location of our breathing hours.

Photos: Briana Elledge
Faustina's Pants & Johnny's shirt: Colleen Allen 

We have aged tremendously through our self destructive actions, yet when we arrived in our final destination, we appeared more youthful. I glanced over at my long lost twin and saw his arms begin to stretch toward the sky. His eyes looked me over and he began to shout, “look how your legs have begun to shrink”. Terror struck us just for a moment, as the growth would not stop. Seconds of stretching turned into minutes, soon our shouts turned into yawns of boredom as we waited for our limbs to stop. Questioning the cause of our growth, we glanced over our teleportation devices. “WARNING: LIMIT EXCEEDED -SIDE EFFECTS INCLUDE GENETIC MUTATION”, it read. Eyes widening and jaws dropping, we looked one another over, laughed, and said, “At least we can reach the top shelf now”.

-  30% Chameleon  -

- 30% Chameleon -

-  Delightful Treat  -

- Delightful Treat -