The Twins

Come into our hand painted vortex and let us tell you stories to seduce your imagination.

-  Strings & Trees  -

- Strings & Trees -

Someone once told me that falling snow makes music. Being the dreamer that I am, I believed it. On the first snow fall of the winter, I went to the forest to see for myself if this was true. Walking through the acres of bare trees concealed by snow, I heard the most faint hum in the air.

As I listened closely, I could hear the song of the icy flakes colliding amongst each other. The steady snow created a heavenly song. Every unique flake was partnered with a unique note and every landing would ignite a unique instrument. The sound they produced was that of an orchestra whose strings lulled a baby to sleep. As the snow danced along the ruffles of my blue skirt, the sound of high pitched keys took place so precisely, as if a conductor was directing their next move. As the snow faded to a complete stillness, so did the angelic sound.

Photos By Obi Cymatica || Coat: ZARA | Skirt: Tatyana Merenyuk Hat: Marta Glazen | Clutch: Glass Handbags| Earrings: Gerard Yosca | 
- Repaint The Skin -

- Repaint The Skin -

-  Unicorn  -

- Unicorn -