The Twins

Come into our hand painted vortex and let us tell you stories to seduce your imagination.

-  Pursuit Of Energy  -

- Pursuit Of Energy -

I positioned myself between my pillows and sheets - quickly drifting asleep. Rotating 360 degrees, I find myself standing upright in a cold and giant cathedral. Checking my surroundings, I find myself alone in this huge mass of a building.

Seconds after my realization, the organ starts to play and I get the feeling I'm being watched. I slowly walk down the aisle toward the music against the stained glass wall as the feeling intensifies. The aisle begins to stretch onward and I begin to tire. I push myself to keep moving forward even though everything within me is telling me to go back. I take a step forward...then something grabs my arm. It grabs a hold so tight that I begin to turn pale and I am weighed down. The music stops.

Supernatural and unexplained energies ignite a pleasure within me that I become a victim to. Only this was too real. Imprisoned by the energy, I am as free as the stripes of my dress.

Photos by Saunak Shah |
| Stripes: ZARA | Earrings: Gerard Yosca | 
Shoes: Obi Cymatica
- Traffic Director -

- Traffic Director -

- Curves of an Iris -

- Curves of an Iris -