The Twins

Come into our hand painted vortex and let us tell you stories to seduce your imagination.

-  Magic Bag, Magic Stairs  -

- Magic Bag, Magic Stairs -

My next show was in twenty minutes and I still had an eight minute walk to the train. As I shuffled and rushed across the snow-lined sidewalk, I spotted an abandoned white bag, from the corner of my eye, sitting atop a bench. Normally I ignore such a thing, but it was as if this bag were calling my name.

Hat: Dolly Donshey | Purse: MARIHORN | Skirt: ZARA | Boots: Stuart Weitzman | Coat: Borello 

I took a step backward until I was parallel to the purse sitting unattended. Hesitant, I made my way toward it after an intense, timely glance in its direction. To my surprise, the clutch was accompanied by a note addressed, “Faustina” that was lain atop the unicorn embroidery. You can imagine my surprise and fright when I saw this. I cautiously reached to the bag to open it and with the slide of the zipper, a loud screech alarmed and I was transported to a flight of snow covered stairs. Disheveled, I made my way up the steps trying to find my way back to where I once was standing. When I reached the plateau of the staircase, I stood in disbelief as I spotted a black unicorn accompanied by her foal. I see I am no longer in Manhattan and I am defiantly missing my show.

-  Alien Embryo  -

- Alien Embryo -

- How SEVLISh' R U -

- How SEVLISh' R U -