The Twins

Come into our hand painted vortex and let us tell you stories to seduce your imagination.

-  Galactic Pussy  -

- Galactic Pussy -

As we all know, I am not human. I was actually born in a distant galaxy, but the government was so horrible we had to leave. But that story is for another day! Today, we are talking about how we actually got here.

It was about 39 days ago, or maybe it was 39,000 days ago, when we decided to leave our colorful world of color blocked skies and marble painted floors. Our planet was square in shape and faced the edge of outer space. As the sun would set, the sky of orange, red, blue and pink would fade to shades of green and purple. The stars would trace the outline of the blocks of color and, as a result, you could stand on the edge of the planet and grab them.

On Earth, they think wishing upon a star is make-believe or a myth, but that's because you can't touch the sky from this new home of green and blues. There isn't much to remember about our travels. Everything seems to be a blur in between grabbing that star and ending up in soho through the eyes of galaxy cat. However, we are tracing our steps to remember.

-  Split | Personality  -

- Split | Personality -

- Sherif on Pluto -

- Sherif on Pluto -