The Twins

Come into our hand painted vortex and let us tell you stories to seduce your imagination.

- Evergreen World -

- Evergreen World -

Shades of emerald and gold kiss his skin - light glistens from his surface like the ocean underneath the sun. The product of her grace, his hair sprouts in two opposing lights to reflect the duality of her nature.

Limbs great in length, his body is shaped after the centuries of her reign. With an ode to her vitality, the emerald son's voice carries a deep timbre that travels on for centuries. Moving through the grounds of her being, his presence treks light as the way the air has taught him. Although barely gracing the floor, he is grounded like the roots of his mother's strength. Relaxed under her nature, his fiery heart is the only thing that sets the drenched depths of his mind aflame. Proud of her son, she rises him with the sun, kisses him goodnight with the moon, calms him with the rain, and ignites his soul with examples of her strength. Under their sky, nothing compares to Mother and Son, stuck in their evergreen world.

Pants: Topman | Shoes: Zara | jacket: Vintage | Sweater: Topman
-  Stained Claws -

- Stained Claws -

-  Lion Tamer  -

- Lion Tamer -