The Twins

Come into our hand painted vortex and let us tell you stories to seduce your imagination.

-  High In The Sky  -

- High In The Sky -

Istepped out of the grocery store and hailed a cab. New keys in hand, I was ready to see my apartment in the sky. All the boroughs in NYC have become overpopulated and the only solution was to build up. I ducked into a cab and told the driver my destination.

He turned to me and expressed I was his first customer going to the New City. We made our way downtown and exited through Financial District to a freeway over the river. Placed above the frozen river, the road was new and intertwined around the body of The Statue of Liberty.

When we got to the height of her crown, we had arrived to my new home. I exited the cab and made my way up to the square, glass building. Entering and turning the key, I opened the heavy brass door. Stepping inside, I walked past the white, shag rug to the window in front of me and glanced at the downtown buildings below me. As I made my way to the white leather sofa below the round mirror, I dropped my groceries on the ground. I took a seat while The Statue of Liberty glanced in my direction from the front of my apartment."This must be what it's like to live high", I thought to myself..."sort of like snoop dogg", Johnny added from underneath the couch.

-  Create NYC  -

- Create NYC -

- EvolutionMan -

- EvolutionMan -